Thursday, 3 March 2011

What lies beneath - my defenition

What lies beneath:
This is a supernatural thriller, with a fantasting begining which Annabel showing us on longer session. Happly for me, I was watching in on TV last week so I have to admit that it is fantastic film. 
Camera trackes her while sitting on bath.
However, I need to concentrate on beginning:( Just from first moments you are sure that this is an horror or thriller movie because of scary, non diagetic music and very dark colours used. The character doesn't say a thing during first few minutes, and camera is focused on water and bath. You can be almost sure that this film has to do something with water :).
The suspence is created by a quiet and dramatic music played which goes much louder when something unexpected happends. Just in the beginning, few unexpected things are going on and with a good speakers, you might want to change your pants:)
The camera is tracking woman while she is sitting in the bath, and the audience feels that something is coming towards her and probably bad things will happend. Also the use of OTS and close ups were very successfull.
Just after she jumps out the bath, the speed of time seems to be changing. In other words, some things happend quickly and other really slowly. For example, she is doing things slowly, and BANG!, electric shock! And back to "laziness". This is a great way to keep audience in front of the television. Of couse, only adults:).
The interesting thing is that props and objects used are normal. Probably everyone has a hair dryer, some tooth paste etc in their houses, however they've showed us that everything can be dangerious to our lifes. But yeah, the interesting thing that I recognised is dark-ish background with titles and the ocean water which seems to be dangerous, and then the scenes are bright and the lighting is okay. Also comming back to titles; there is not a lot of information in them, only title and few "important" names. They are comming in and out of view.

What I like about films like this is the suspence. You can never say what will happend excacly! I really enjoyed watching this film!

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