Thursday, 24 March 2011


So the time came to make my titles, however I already am out of time! I cannot lie, and I must admit that I made it as fast as possible. However, I got a little lucky because I've prepared myself before and I knew exactly what to do...

On the beggining of the film, I did put "starrings" to begin with. I used Solid bold font and some great animations. The letters were jumping and flashing, and altogether the effect was fantastic. Then, there was "Editing", Music", and "Director" All of them with the same effects and sizes.

You might wonder why is director before the titles. I thought that breaking the rules might look more cooler, and I am concerned that the Movie title is more important than the director itself. Director doesn't do that much comparing to his people. It's not like I don't care at all about directors - but I don't feel that they deserve all the glory and the "best spot" as the last title sequence.

As I said, the last one is the Title with a great font that I have sound on the LiveType section. All of those were created by profesionals and it looks amazing. At the beggining, the letters are not visible, and then contantly they are being more visible. The font "draws" the letters by a pencil. At last, the letters float away. The font size is little bit bigger than previous ones, but I cannot remember excacly.

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