Thursday, 3 March 2011


Of course, what's the point of making the film without the audience... so we have to look out for them, and see what they like. That's what we've have on ours session today with Annabel, and I will answer some question reliated to them in sentences.

In 2009, UK has produced 31 thrillers and altogether, there was 334 film of different genres. I have to admit that the numbers of thrillers is disappointing, however, Annabel said that most of the thrillers are in a action movie group, and normally there would much more of them.

Refering to the thriller teaching blog; "action, animation and comedy account fro 52% of Box Office in the UK in 2009." I think that these types are the most popular because of the target audience. Action and comedy movies are mostly for both genders and in every age, so that everyone can go see one. Animation movies are mostly for kids, but kid won't go to cinema alone. There is always parent/s next to him.

From the image on the right I can clearly see that some sub-types of thrillers are directed to the gender. Guys are more likely to go to Sci Fi or action movie, and girls prefer romance and period movies. I'm not surprised at all, this is quite a normal thing that males would rather see James Bond movie instead of Twillight saga.
Comedy, suspense and horrors are quite in the middle of the graph and I believe this is true. There is nothing that can seperate both genders comedies, because there will always be some violence and suspense. It's mixed.

Our task was also to look at all 10 openings we already seen and find the age certificates of them. Here are my results:

  • The stepfather - 15
  • The taking of pelham 123 - 15
  • What lies beneath - 15
  • Marathon man - 18
  • Momento - 15
  • Psycho - 15
  • The Shining - 15
  • Enemy of state - 15
  • Collateral - 15
  • Fatal attraction - 18

What I can clearly see is that the main audience is around 15 years old and that's probably where we'll be aiming. In fact, most of these movies are horrors or action one, so probably boys were the main visitors in cimenas when those come out.

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