Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bag swap movie - introduction

Photo taken from Sharmin Begun - Thank you!:)
Two weeks ago we were given a task to complete - choose one of three possible boring movies to create, draw the storyboard, film and edit it. We've chosen the "bag swap"  This is very straight forward movie to create, however - watching it is boring as hell. Our job was to create it and make it look more interesting.

Unfortunatelly, I wasn't able to show up on this session and my group mates have filmed it successfully. They have used many different shot types; hand-held, close up, OTS and two shots.
Also, my friends did not create the story board, and instead of that they've remembered what to do. Well, is was done great anyway, but we cannot make it happend again, while recording final video! Famous and fantastic directors need the plan, so we also do!

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