Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rough cut analysis

The video is not really what I was hoping for, however I am not disappointed. In a time I've had to edit my video, I did quite a good job. Actually, most of that was made in my 3hs lesson on a rough cut day. As I wrote earlier, I wasted looots of time on rendering, switching disks and interview day. 

I was not able to produce sound yet, however I did some good editing. Firstly, I tried everything to match perfectly. There were quite a few of good match cuts and I am proud of it. Also, the slow motions. Annabel said that she really likes the way I play with a speed of movie. I found it interesting aswell, however I don't have enough skill to impress anyone. YET!:) 

From my movie I can see that there is huge amount of different shot types and angles. I was pretty exciting seeing that much shots, becuase other groups have a minimal amounts of them. I hope for some additional marks!:)

Also, I did some cutting in some scenes to make audience more satisfied and interested. Action film is preety much about good edit and music. IT REALLY IS DIFFICULT!! I really regret that I've chosen an action film, because editing is extremely hard and takes a lot of time to make it perfectly work. I haven't seen any action film in our media groups yet. Guess no one was brave enough...:)

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