Thursday, 3 March 2011

Gummy baby animatic

As we getting closer to start proper project and do more work with camera, Bernand told us to brainstorm some ideas for a Gummy bear project. Our task was to take some bears (didn't taste good...) and be a director to them.
However the task was very simple and we started to work immidiately. Our main star characters (white and yellow gummy bears) were the main focus, and my tissue with a blue tack were props. Maybe nothing exciting, but this whole is training anyway... From the blue tack, we've made a sofa, and the tissue was the carpet.

We were meant to think about some dialogue between characters.. but... let's forget about that:)
Yellow bear was talking to the white bear while he was laying on the sofa. Yellow bear didn't know that he was dead and he kept talking to white bear. As he was getting closer to the sofa, he realises that something is wrong and he touched him. White bear fall off the sofa and shocked yellow bear runs away from the scene. THIS IS CALLED: "REAL DRAMA"!

Even through the project was easy and short, we found it very joyful. It's nice to do something different than theory or storyboard by hand. It was far more entertaining to us!

Unfortunately, the time was passing by very quickly and we were unable to edit it properly and put some effects into movie... which is kind of a good thing, because I don't think that pasting music/sounds to the pictures is a good idea. However, on next lesson we will be re-making this project but instead of bears, we will have to play. Finally something more creative...

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