Thursday, 3 March 2011

Editing "The death"

After long but interesting recording our movie, we were getting ready for a break and editing eventually. Even if we haven't done a lot of work, it was only an illusion. We had around 50/60 different shots and we had to organize it, look at each invidually and choose the best. I took us more than an hour, but well, this is very important part of work and I should really get used to it, because final project will have much more shots.

I was mostly cutting the scenes, get rid of Max's "ACTION!" and laughters at the end. The funniest thing is that I'm finding this work interesting but I am very independent person, and unfortunalety I hate team work... I hope when the time will come to edit real project, I will do it alone after college. Of course, I will be sending my raports to rest of my co-workers and accept criticsm.

As we found that we had lacks of shots, we needed to put fadings just on the beginning of movie. This was very improfessional, and these were rookie's mistakes, and I really hope we will get rid of them very quickly. This might effecs our final grade! Also, we added fade away on the end to make the ending more effective.

On tomorrows lesson our group will probably get scolding from Bernand for not posting enought etc, but after half an hour we should be addind effects and probably upload final work here. I'm really looking forward to it and hopefully we won't have much problems.

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