Friday, 25 March 2011

Quick evaluation

I think that the movie went well, and I am very happy about it. Maybe there are some problems with the sound, but these are minor and even some of them are not my foult (the unwanted techno-music at the end). However, even through my sound is poor, I have added much more effects than any other group I have seen recently.

The editing went very well, I have added lots of upgrades from my rough cut and the slow motions were repaired. Some people told me to make my film in back and white, however I don't think that is a good idea because the light is very important in every movie. Black and white movies are from '40s, not 2011.

Even through I had to rush with my titles, I personally think they went really well and quite effective. Letters are stylish and jumping around, making the tempo rising up. Also, I have put them in correct positions, and the black colour works well with the background and placement.

Unfortumately, I will have to miss movie cast in cinema because of visit to dentist. Normally I would delay the appointment, but I need to take care of my teeth :P I will ask my friend to record everything on his Iphone. Thank science for convergence!:)

If i had more time, I would do much more. More edit. More sound. Better sound. Better effects. But there is not enough time! Even through I think I went well comparing to others are I need to remember that I was working all by myself. SO EVERYTHING ARE MY SKILLS. Not my team-mates. And I am very glad I was working alone, because I could show part of my skills.

I want to thank my teachers for their help, and especially our tech-team because I had a LOT of problems with disk and sound. I am very glad that I've chosen media studies, because I have never enjoyed any subject that much as this. THANK YOU!

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