Thursday, 24 March 2011

The pitch

As I had to be absent on the day our class was doing "the pitch", I thought that I will present it right here!:) I also wanted to catch Annabel next avaliable lesson, but she seemed in hurry and she didn't really even looked inside to our class room. 

Firstly, I will talk about the Title. I though that the film can be named "Run to the past", and the whole film would be about a girl that have some unknown illness. Everyday, at 3 o'clock she must at the gate. Later on, the audience will know that her mother died in front of her during the war, and she was also hit on head. The title would have something to do with the genre and the storyline. 

The genre of my movie would be more likely action, as she is running across the city. The editing will be more dedicated to speed and cutting, as the action movies require. Unfrtunately, because of my unexpected trip to Poland, I will have record the movie in my house and city during the half term holidays. The city is named Elblag. This might be a good idea to show some different architecture and culteres other than British. 

Sound will have to contain "an action" in itself. what I mean by that is the tempo must be very high and fast. Music should wake up the audience and make their hearts beat faster and faster! However, by creating the music alone I must know that it is very difficult and takes a lot of time.


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