Thursday, 3 March 2011

Introduction to LiveType

On our monday session with Bernand week ago we had an introduction to the software program named "LiveType", which was developed by Apple Inc. Thanks to this we can create animated title sequences and effects to our projects.

Great adventage of LiveType is shocking 11GB of different fonts, objects, textiles and effects. We can simply import our practice/final movie and put various types of title sequences. Also, its very easy to change size, colours, shapes, outlines, opacity and animation of our letters. Also, we can add some effects to them like: zoom, fade, glow or scroll, so I don't think we will have any problems to create something stunning.

However, as our class set is behind for a one week, we had no time to practice our skills, but hopefully we will get some time on Bernand's or Annabel's session soon. Of not, then I will surely do it on my own spare time, as my interest to editing is huge!:)

Basic tutorial to "LiveType":

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