Thursday, 24 March 2011

Analysis of animatic -" Run to the past"

I did upload some pictures which show the movie at the different stages. It is just to let you know how the movie looks like, however it is pretty useless as I uploaded rough cut already:) well, I am kinda behind so need to catch up!

Photos are showing the movie at different angles and shot types, and there is more-less the same time difference between them. First photo shows the room from the high angle. This is a long shot type. then there is a close up to the clock, and when she wakes up - she press the button of radio to turn it off. This shot is very intresting because it show her from the front, and also you can see the buttons aswell. 

Then there is a OTS shot when she runs to grab her coat. After that there are few shots that are showing her running across the city with a great architecture on a second plan. Next, a tramway. Close up to her face. She doesn't seem tired at all...:P

At last, we can see the big church from OTS shot, and a long shot of a gate where she's running to. The last shot describes her as disappointed and perhaps late. She seems quite upset and the audience might know that it was kinda inportant.

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