Thursday, 24 March 2011

Comparing two different movies - openings

I think that every movie has a title sequence at the beginning. In fact, some of them have more information at the end of the film. I cannot really say what's the difference. People often do not care about title sequences at all.

I will be comparing two openings I've seen recently: "What lies beneath" and "Momento".

The information that is showing us "What lies beneath":

  • Distributor
  • Production company
  • Title of the movie

Comparing to "Momento":
  • Distributor (x2)
  • Production company
  • Director
  • Stars (Famous actors)
  • Movie title
  • Less popular actors
  • Music
  • Costume
  • Editor
  • Production Designer
  • Director of Photography
  • Co-Producer
  • Co-Executive Producers
  • Execautive Producers
  • Production
  • Screen Plan + "Based on novel..."
  • Director (x2)

So let's say... the difference is huge. But what's the difference? Who would actually read it all? My opinion is that we should make as less as possible of titles. Make it simple!!

Some other notes: 

  • Movie title appears on the screen longer than any other. This shows the importance of this information.
  • Distribution company are always places at the begining of movie. It is actually first thing we will see on the screen. 

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