Thursday, 3 March 2011

Dexter - the opening

Hi guys:) If anyone actually bothers to read what I'm writing then great!:P

I was thinking about the final movie... and as I'm very interested in the "Dexter" serial, I might give you all some ideas and describe the opening. [ ]

Firstly, I do not really like what they've done, but the idea is amazing and worth to look at it.

I'm not sure how to call it, but it surely is a mind-game. Dexter is a serial-killer who is having also a normal life with a wife and kids. He tries to keep his life normal so that nobody is suspecting him.

The opening is showing a normal activities which everyone does almost everyday, however it shows these in a "bad light". Everything looks very dangerious. Also the music is quite calm. The thing is, just like Dexter tries to be normal and bad in a same time, these routine activities also are normal and dangerious (or at least make you feel the danger).

We might try to use some mind game to make viewer more involved into opening, and make them think about it.
And also, you guys should absolutely watch this serial. It's hilarious!

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