Thursday, 3 March 2011

Introduction to cameras

On one lesson, we have learned some basics about our cameras we will be using soon:

  • inserting the SD memory cards
  • changing the amount of light that the camera registers
  • manually focus to avoid blurry videos or automatic change of focus
  • turning the camera on/off
  • changing from auto to manual and vice versa
  • zooming in and out and many many more!

Our teacher told us some tips how to use camera, and what should be avoiding while making film.

We should try to capture same scene few times and choose the best one. Also to make video more interesting, we should be trying to record scene from different angles and shot types. Then we will have more clips to use and editor should have no problems to make scene more interesting!:)

However, we should not be recording in dangerious places. This is very important and we have to remember to not risk out lifes or health while recording.
Also, we have to take a great care of camera. It is expensive stuff. The school would "kill" us if anything will happen to them (and that's a joke, of course:)).

During this lesson we were able to choose one task to create a movie sequence. All of these tasks were very boring! Things like bag swap or reading newspaper instantly makes us sleeping! So our job was to make this 30-40 sec video interesing.

A good idea was to draw a story line first... unfortunately I've missed that session, however my team mates have done a great job!

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