Thursday, 24 March 2011


 As the time came to edit sound and create soundtrack, I had to go for a advise to out tech team. I really am very weak at this. Or maybe its not me, but doing sound is thousand times harder than I thought.

I created the soundtrack by myself, but I had quite a lot of problems with cutting it correctly and making other sounds co-operate with it. Sometimes I wasn't able to hear footsteps or car because of loudness of soundtrack.

I found some good effects like: car driving by, tramway inside, walking, running, running on snow, bird singing, slap or clicks etc. It really is difficult to manage it. Every sound effect must be perfectly cooperating with movie, so lots and lots of cutting, copying, pasting...

However, Just near to the finish when I've exported the video to final cut, I found huge problem with sound. On the last 10sec of movie instead of one sound track, I've heard one more. It is difficult to explain... It seems that there is unwanted sound track heard and it was unable to remove it! Mikey, our tech-guy tried to remove the problem but he was unable to! He had absolutely no idea how and where is this sound comming from. Everything was fine on soundtrack pro, but everytime we've exported the movie to final cut there was unwanted sound as well. Preety anoying and I am sure that marks will be affected... However, as long as I wasn't my foult, maybe the examinners will make less consequences out of it...!:)

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