Thursday, 3 March 2011

Delicatessen - title sequence and my comments

On today's lesson we discovered the website with lots of different opening sequences.

Our task was to choose one opening and comment on it. I have chosen French film called "Delicatessen", and the opening was made by Maro Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

I found this opening really interesting and made in a such a different way comparing to any other, because instead of making a pause for a titles, they've made titles on the objects. In fact, each title has a different font and size, but the most important pieces like Director or Movie title has the biggest, boldest letters with the longest time on screen.

One thing that I have realised was that every object was damaged or broken. Just like the hurricane came across the room! It probably has to do something with the story line or describes in some way what happend. Also, the number of objects is impressing.

The camera movement is very straight-forward and it only stays on a object for about 3 seconds. The type of shots are mostly ex/close ups, but anyway, it really looks nice and keeps the climate of the film, which is probably some type of black comedy.
(somehow I was unable to show the movie)

I really found these title sequences really interesting and the idea was fantastic! This is something we might want to make, as I haven't seen any film like this with opening on objects. This might the audience more interacted with the film and objects just by looking at the titles!

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