Thursday, 3 March 2011

Film opening - structure

In this post I will quickly describe some film openings and different types title sequences.

A discreate title sequence: this one is when the titles/names run behind a sequence or background that will set the moon of the film. They are also going seperate. However, mostly these aren't telling the story at all!
Example of movie that contains discreate title sequence could be "Seven", with a fantastic x-ray/hand writting titles which are moving and increasing/decreasing. It made me really impressed.

A narrative opening: This one is when titles appear over the movie. Good example I know could be "The stepfather" which I've seen two weeks ago, however, editors are using this opening the most. It's very popular.

Titles over a blank screen: these ones are following by the narrative openings. As there is nothing else on the screen, the audience pays full attention to them. Some of them might create suspense if used properly! I feel mostly really bored watching a blank screen with only titles on it. We are unable to create them because there is no camera work, so no marks for it.

The last one I will write about is the narrative opening with highly stylised editing. Looks great and impresive, grabs attention, however it takes a lot of time to create one. Editors need to have advanced skills to create something like that.

While talking to my friend, he told me an example of the movie. It is called "The taking of Pelham 123". Here is the link to the opening:

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