Thursday, 3 March 2011

sub genres

Thriller has a lot of different sub-genres. Some people like one type, other another. Sub-genres are actually to let people choose what type of thriller they want to watch.

  • crime
  • science fiction
  • romance
  • psychological 
  • mystery
  • political
  • supernatural
  • conspiracy 
I think that in our final movie we will be trying to create a crime or some kind of mystery thriller. These are the ones I love the most and I really enjoy watching them. In fact, the suspense in these sub-genres seems to be higher than in others. A good example could be "The stepfather", where we were not sure what has happend until we saw death bodies.

Also, another example might be movie "Psycho" which I've seen around three days ago. Even throught the film was quite old and they weren't able to use that inproved equipment, the combination of MES, music, camera and editing created fantastic sense of suspense!

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