Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Planning real film

On one Annabel's lessons, when Bernand had a sudden change of mind about me and being in group, I've lost quite a lot of time from my 3hs lesson. Actually, it was a day of planning, but instead of that I was quite disappointed on media department and their understanding between them. 

As I gave up on my idea, I finally managed to do something helpful, and I watched some scenes from Dexter for inspiration. However, most of great scenes that can set a mood of great thriller were extremely difficult to create, not even mentioning doing it alone.  So, when I've decided to take a closer look at one of the scenes where is quite a lot of action, I thought that is the one I can make with only someone to be an actor.

It was a scene that Dexter - well known blood analysist and secret murderrer - was running after his brother. The scene is very similar to the one I've made, however it is quite clear that I am unable to edit and record so perfectly  like they did. But, I think that giving up on this idea would be idiotic....

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