Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bag swap movie -editing

On monday Bernand's lesson we were tought how to use properly programs like: "Final cut studio" and "Soundtrack Pro". This is absolutely what I love about media and I hope that the technician will come more often to us with tips.

Now I've also realised what "power" Macs' have and how usefull is double-screen. I thought one screen is enough. And I was wrong!:)

Our top task was to put some music and sound effects into out video, and try to make it more interesting (not that boring). Even throught we have some problems with getting used to these machines and programs, we did fine work and we can be proud of ourselves!

After we've put some effects like: heart-beat, footsteps and ventilator sound, we also had a lot of problems with finding the one which might co-operate with screen. I didn't realise that is quite a hard work. Also we still have no idea how to slow down/make faster sound effects. Bernand told us this is possible, but he also was helpless! What a shame!:)

At last we were asked to convert our video to .MP4, to reduce the size and put it on blog. So have a watch at the video and look at the pictures. Comments and critics please!:

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