Wednesday, 23 March 2011


As I wrote in previous post, the temperature have defeated us very badly. However, I didn't give up and I still tried to record the scene as good as I could.

I know, that the light is very important. It sets the mood of movie, describes the character. Sometimes from the light we know that the character is on a good or bad side. Sometimes we already know who is the murderer in many movies, even before the fact is obvlious. We can also manipulate audience with light!

However, in my movie the characted is nor on a good or bad side. However, as my movie star is a lovely girl, I tried to make her look good. The lighting is mostly very intense. Only on few moments there are darkness and shadows.

As my movie was recorded mostly outside, I was unable to control sun light. Recording at night was impossible as my house camera is useless in dark or even raining day.

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