Tuesday, 5 April 2011


In this question, I will image my audience. In more detail, I will say what do they like, how old are they, what are their interests and hobbies etc...

Male: Mariusz, 34, Manager of pharmacy factory. Mariusz is a hard working and successful member of pharmacy factory, where he manages the costs and fill up the needs of painkillers etc. He has a Doctor degree completed on a high standard. Mariusz is on a long time relationship with a women. He doesn't have a laptop or iPod, however he enjoys speed and action. He adores fast cars, especially sport ones like Bugatti Veyron. On every weekend, he goes to cinema and watches new movies that look interesting on advertisments, however he prefer the action ones. He listens to rock music everyday after work.

Sample of his favorite song:

Female: Anna, 27, restourant supervisor. Anna is a relationship that just have started. She has old, but still with great performance laptop to watch newest movies on internet. Anna loves traveling and being out-of-reach. SHe enjoys her life. She is also a student on university studying ecology. Her favorite music type is Jazz, however she still likes to listen to old hip hop.

She likes to buy clothes from clearances, but she doesn't wear skirts. She prefers to wear normal trousers with blouse. She likes running and yoga, however she also tries to pass driving licence test.

Sample of her favorite song:

As you can see, my audience might not be only teenagers. From what I know, young people and especially girls prefer to watch films like Hannah Montana etc... Boys instead prefer a lot of action and brutal scenes, mostly the 18+ ones :)... My movie contains no death or killing, but just an action, so teenagers 15-19 could get bored.

I am sure that adults and older people could get interested. Of course, they are also watching 18+ films, but their "needs" for death is much lower. This is why they might get interested in drama/action - thriller like the one I've just did. 

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