Tuesday, 5 April 2011

EVALUATION - Robert Buler (Q4-5)

Every student from C&I media department have created very low budget opening title sequence in their own style. In my opinion, we can do quite a lot of things to distribute and promote our movie, however I don't think that any of these title sequences can get to real "cinema world". Well, at least we can attract some audience and still try to have some fun!

One way of promoting and also one of the most successful is "Social Network". Everyday, millions of people use social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Youtube or different kinds of blogs. It is extremely easy ot advertise anything, but especially on blogs as I mentioned before. All what we need to do is create a post with information about the movie, some features etc. and get a help from your friends/family to promote it. It's very importnat to make the post interesting, so people actually want to read it and become interested. Also, we can put there some videos e.g. trailers or back-stage scenes. It's better to upload movie to youtube, because then people can see our profile and check what's going on. The same thing is with Facebook - we can create profile and give more information up to date, and also talk with fans. 

On Bernard's lesson, he has shown us an example of fantastic independent movie called "My name is Jerry". From what I know, they have promoted themselves just by Social Networks! We can find their Youtube, Facebook and MySpace profiles, but when the movie became more popular, they've also created website. In interesting fact is that "My name is Jerry" has 1007 likes on Facebook, and 102,187 views on youtube! Impressive!

It is very important to find the special type of audience which will be interested in the kind of movie, e.g. special type of humor, or suspense movies. Producers, like me, should be finding these people and send the trials to them. Another great idea is to send a CD with all the thrialers and information to a local newspaper, like Guardian and with some luck, they might be interested in publishing the movie and give a review. Some people have a section with Social Networking stuff, and it's a good way to become famous!

One of my friends did get a fantastic idea with a festivals of low budget movies. The idea is to organise the event and invite everyone who wants to show the movie to audience. Everyone can give their opinion and it's also easy way to get more ideas. By getting new friends out there, people might combine their movies and become a team, creating one fantastic movie and hopefully get money out of it!

I actually don't see a reason why not to do any of these points. Of course, some of them take time and organisation skills, but I am sure that even I can do it. The thing is, I should work on my movie first and then talk to other people from my college to get their help. I, by myself can create a fan page, all types of social networking profiles etc., but it still might not be enough! Only the best can survive!

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