Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Of course, as I was working on my own and away on England, I couldn't really work with real actors:) However, my little movie star did her best to help me! and I am really thankful. At least, she is still teenager and luckily for me, be character in movie was also. I will be now showing and comparing my character in movie to today's world and stereotypes.

As long as I know, women as mostly descibed as weak but beauty gender. Everything what has flowers, hearts, butterflys or even anything pink-ish is for girls. They normally wear skirts and high boots, or shirts with neckline. This is exactly how I image a teen girl nowdays. Of course, there are some girls that want to be more like man, mostly called "feminists" (with a full respect to them... or not really :) ). They normally want to be equall to guys, so that they wear jeans trousers with even shirts with ties.

If I can describe my character, she is more like the "feminits" type. She didn't really dress up like a teen girl who wants to show some body to boys, and make them whistle when she goes by. No! My characted dress up in trousers and a "double t-shirt". And of course brown-ish house slippers. Doesn't look like normal girl, isn't she?

To compare her with a girl from "He loves me, he loves me not", we can see a HUGE difference. Lovely, sweet and loveable girl. Skirt, smile and hearts everywhere. Flower shop. All of these things and objects can describe her as lovely and perfect girl, but very weak. She might've never been un-loved, and always needs someone for help. This is absolute opposite of my girl character. The outfit, and empty house can suggest that she is an independent girl, who can handle every situation on her own. She might be lonely, without family and friends to support, but she never gives up.

From her run, we can realise that losing is not what she wants. Never give up! Speed, action! RUN! Not pinky and lovely, adorable girl who is lost without her guardian.

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